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Feb 24th

What The Bible Says about Love
Love can be described as the most influential feeling because it can be able to influence people to take actions that are sometimes unimaginable. A variety of religious books have described this emotion following this fact that they are influential. Those who believe in their religion have opted to adopt the studies they have learnt from their religious books about the emotion called love. Because of the effects of love and how the bible describes it, many people have desired to read the bible making it sell up to billions of copies across the globe. Because o the way the bible has tackled the topic of love, it had been possible to have it sell numerous copies throughout time. the bible has tacked the topic of love and many others adequately and this has made it possible for students or learning institutions to adopt it as the main source if knowledge. Because of this reliance, many students have preferred to have their own copies of the bible to regularly make reference whenever need arises.

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The attributes of love have been captured adequately on the bible where some have been enlisted and expounded for students across the divide. You need to know that the topic of love is well explained in the bible and illustrations given making it easy for students to relate with their studies and ensure that they are able to put the studies in context. It is known that many who have been impressed by the way the bible tackles this topic have been able to like it and have made a decision to join a full study and even attracted more to join them. The bible has been a great source of education about love and its power making many students to depend on it for their studies.

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The bible has managed to provide education for students on matters of love giving clear illustrations of how powerful love can be in changing society. It clearly explains how husbands are supposed to love their wives just like Christ loves the church. Such teachings can be said to be effective because they explain and make many to learn how to demonstrate love in family and society and for students to learn. This has seen many societies survive through tides of violence and stay together in peace and harmony by ensuring that there is love right from the family up to the larger community. It is important to understand that the bible teaches about love and how many can sacrifice to make their families and loved ones to live a comfortable and stress free life. Because of the demonstration on hoe the son of God gave Himself for others, society is expected to learn to give themselves for the sake of others.

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